Self Published Author Reviewed in Chicago Sun Times

Congratulations to Outskirts Press author Vassiliki Plomaritou, who’s book Charlie: A Boy with Reading Difficulties and His Dream, was reviewed and posted within the Chicago Sun Times.

The full review is at the link above.

About the Book:

At least five percent of the world’s population is affected by dyslexia. But all nine-year-old Charlie knows is that the other kids make fun of him. Called dumb at school for his inability to concentrate on reading, he feels depressed and alone. His confidence and self-esteem are at all-time lows. For Charlie, reading is a daily battle against words that he seems destined to lose.

Then, hope arrives in the form of someone close to him who understands. What follows is a remarkable story of promise and inspiration—and the amazing gift that shows just how wrong the bullies are about Charlie.

Written by an expert on learning disabilities, Charlie: A Boy with Reading Difficulties and His Dream uncovers the incredible challenges and potential of millions of people just like Charlie. This book is perfect for showing those affected by the disorder they aren’t alone, and for teaching sensitivity about all learning disorders to educators, children and parents.

About the Author:

Vassiliki Plomaritou is an elementary school teacher and consultant who has worked in the clinical diagnosis and remediation of reading and spelling difficulties for the last decade. Her book: Charlie: A Boy With Reading Difficulties and His Dream, investigates how dyslexia affects self-confidence and self-belief of sufferers. Research has shown that a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem are molded by experiences in the education system and by relationships with parents and teachers. It is not surprising to discover that children with reading and spelling difficulties have significantly lower self-esteem than their peers. Vassiliki’s ambition is to raise awareness of Dyslexia by educating parents, teachers, and other professionals by sharing the latest research in easy-to-understand language. She is a member of International Dyslexia Association. She lives in Greece with her family. You can contact her through her Web site:

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