Previous Award Nominees

One tactic of successfully published authors is submitting your published book to awards and contests.  But winning a nomination or award is only the beginning. It’s important to keep reminding readers and the public that your book is at the top of the heap.

With that in mind, let’s shine the spotlight on some of our EVVY Award Nominated Books from the past. After all, a good book is a good book, regardless of when it was published:

Adios, Havana
A Memoir
by Andrew Rodriguez 
Yellowstone to Denali
Bears, bison, poachers,
thieves and other characters

by Clay Cunningham 
Loving Larry
A Tribute to the Lady Who Named Peptoboonsmal
by Penny Wormet with Elaine Hall
Plains Bound: Fragile Cargo
Revealing Orphan Train Reality
by Charlotte M. Endorf, Illustration by Sarah M. Endorf
I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market
Learn to begin investing without losing your life

by Chris M. Hart, Sr.
Sneezy Neezy
by Rick HandloserIllustrated by Shawn Byous 

How to Turn Your Body Into the Ultimate Fat-Burning MachineReprogram Your Body to Stop Storing Fat and Start Burning It…
by Julie Arnold, M.A., C.P.T.
Son of Orbiting Death-Ray Platform
Dr. Heinrich Heildmon
Making a Difference
Changing the World One Penny and One Minute at a Time
by Dr. Rhonda Hackett
My Journey to Know the Truth
Healing the Broken Heart
by Tony Kent
Senior Moments
Getting the Most Out of Your Golden Years
by David Wayne Silva

All our Diamond and Pearl books are automatically eligible for EVVY Award Nominee Consideration. What makes a good EVVY Award Nominee? The same thing that makes any good award-winning book:  A fantastic cover, strong, well-written content, and copyediting. These are the cornerstones of any book.

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