Twitter great for self publishing authors

Tweet tweet!

Have you heard about Twitter? Twitter is the new social networking phenomenon that everyone is “tweeting” about. It allows you to find like-minded individuals and “follow” them and it also allows people to “follow” you.  By “following” you, they are notified about “tweets” that you post to your twitter page.  These tweets can be delivered to your mobile device for ultimate mobility while never staying out of touch.  Unlike blogs, or other social networking sites, twitter “tweets” are limited to 140 characters, so each tweet is like a quick, tasty morsel.

The application for authors is huge because one of the main goals for an author promoting a book is to cultivate a following. Twitter helps you do this. The next goal, once you have cultivated a following, it to communicate to those followers. Twitter helps you do this, too.

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Then, play around with it and experiment with the various applications.

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