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Kathalyn Pokley was born in Highland Park, Michigan, in 1952. She was raised in Alpena, Michigan, the majority of her life.
When an opportunity arose to attend Ferris State University
of Big Rapids, Michigan, she took the chance to leave
the small northern town for a future career in dental
assisting. She has managed several dental offices and
worked in the dental field for 35 years. She is married
to her husband of 32 years and has one son. She currently
makes her home in the Detroit metro area. She has enjoyed
writing, baking and painting as her main hobbies for many
years. This is her first book. Her desire to write this
book came after the tragic loss of her best friend, Sandy.

“My vision for the book turned out exactly as I had
hoped. Everyone was supportive throughout the process.
Answering the many questions that took me through to completion. The final product is getting wonderful acceptance and praise. I would recommend Outskirts Press to any new author who chooses to self publish. The only negative was the initial cost did not really include, for me anyway, the total amount that would be required to finalize my book. Many thanks to Jennifer, Andrea and the coaches for making this a success.”

– Kathalyn Pokley, author ofSaying Good-Bye to Sandy

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