1st and 2nd Place Award Comparison

In the 2009 EVVY Book Awards, Outskirts Press authors won First and Second Place in the Humor Category. First Place was won by J. L. Durnin, for the book The Shady Nook Pageant.

The Shady Nook Pageant by J. L. Durnin
The Shady Nook Pageant by J. L. Durnin

And Second Place was won by The PTA: Sex, Intrigue, and Designer Handbags, by Carol Olson & Cherie Rodgers.

The PTA by Carol Olson & Cherie Rodgers
The PTA by Carol Olson & Cherie Rodgers

In the interest of helping all authors understand what comprises an award-winning book, let’s take a closer look at comparing these two wonderful award-winning Outskirts Press publications:

Shady Nook The PTA
EVVY Award 1st Place 2nd Place
Category Humor Humor
Author Representative Jennifer J. Lisa H.
Title Production Supervisor Lora G. Michele C.
Custom Cover Yes Yes
Custom Cover Designer Melanie S. Melanie S.
Publishing Package Diamond Diamond
Page Count 164 153
Black/White or Full Color Black/White Black/White
Retail Price $13.95 $12.95


J.L. Durnin, award-winning author of The Shady Nook Pageant, had this to say when notified of the award:

“Thank you for your congratulatory message.  I am extremely gratified and honored to have won a 1st place award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association in the prestigious 2009 EVVY Book Awards competition.  I’m sure it would not have been possible, without help and support from Outskirts Press.  It has be a pleasure to work with your organization, I will not hesitate to avail myself of your services for my next literary effort. From my personal experience, I recommend your services to any writer, neophyte or veteran, as a wise choice for self publishing authors.”