Self Publishing Requires Planning Ahead

Plan Ahead for Promotion

Impeccable timing is one of the most important elements of good book promotion.

Luckily, each month contains several opportunities already, either in the form of holidays, anniversaries, or “awareness months.”

Read the 31 Days of Book Promotion for March by clicking here.

Speaking of book promotion, April is National Poetry Month and provides one of the single most opportune times to promote a published book of poetry. As many published poets will attest, marketing poetry is a difficult endeavor because of the subject matter. The target audience is harder to pin-point than with a non-fiction book, and more narrow than with a fiction

Leveraging pre-existing holidays or events such as “National Poetry Month” puts you ahead of the game.  If you are an Outskirts Press author, you know OP already features Christmas (or holiday) cards featuring your published book and will be introducing additional greeting cards for all occasions in the coming months.

If you’ve already published a book of poetry, mark your April calendar now and prepare early. If you have published with Outskirts Press, we can help you with marketing materials. Just sign-in to your Author’s Center and access your Marketing Options Screen. You may want to order some bookmarks, posters, or postcards since many local and national book retailers (including Barnes & Noble) hold Poetry Reading sessions during the month of April. They’re always looking for local talent to read passages from their published books of poems. If you have a book of poetry, contact the marketing or communications manager of the stores in your area. Having our Optional Retail Returns package is a good idea in advance of pursuing conversations with BN offline stores.

If you’ve been thinking about publishing your poetry, now is the time.  Push the button below to start publishing your book today.

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