Top 10 Recent Self-Publishing Survey Comments

After each Outskirts Press book is published, the Marketing COACH contacts the author(s) and asks them for their feedback via an online survey. What are we doing right? What can we improve on? This is our authors’ opportunity to provide their thoughts and feelings about working with Outskirts Press.  We take these survey comments very seriously. Our executives and board of directors all read these comments because our goal at Outskirts Press is to become the single BEST self-publishing service available.  Fortunately, the vast majority of the comments we receive are positive, but not 100% of them.  But they’re honest, and here are just a few uncensored and unedited comments that we recently received:

“Publishing with Outskirts Press was fantastic. I enjoyed every moment
of it. I am going to publish with Outskirts Press on my follow up book.
Thanks!” – Derrik J. McGinnis, author of Creature Puppet

“Thank you all so much for making my dream come true! I am happy
with everything and every person that worked on the book to make it the
best. I know that I will be publishing with ya’ll again- for sure. Thank
you for always answering my questions and helping me out with everything.”
– J. M. Babb, author of From Hell to Heaven: 12 Steps of Bipolar Spiritual Healing

“I am more then pleased with Outskirts press. Their work is great.
I was really impressed with the book’s cover illustration, and felt that
Laura should have gotten mention in the book’s acknowledgments. The
cover was a supper job doing exactly what I described. And the editing was
well done as well by Reba, one thing I liked here they did not try and change
my meaning or try and rewrite it, but only correct what I lacked in writing
skills. My representative Colleen was easy to work with and I hope to work
with them again in the coming future. One thing I am is loyal to people
who do job well.” – David Chladek, author of How To Receive from the Kingdom of God

“I immensely enjoyed my publishing experiences with Deni. She was
very patient and professional with me throughout the entire process. I am
looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with her on my upcoming
literary endeavors.” – Dr. BerNadette Lawson-Williams, DSM, author
of Blossom Bee’s Golf Adventures

“Heather was great and I want to work with her again. However, one
note, if I had known that my Hebrew interpretation of the English title
would be viewed as ‘written in Hebrew’ with the booksellers, I would never
have allowed it. This has been a great hindrance in the sale of the book.
We have done everything we can to get it deleted and it is still there.”
– Charlotte Mecklenburg, author of The Potter’s Beloved

“Outskirts Press has been wonderful. They have helped in every aspect
of publishing my first book. A couple of things did not go entirely smoothly,
but they were more than willing to work it out – and make it right. I applaud
their customer service.” – Randy G. Sorter, MA, LPC, NCC, author of
Heal Depression Yourself!: 52 Tips, Suggestions, and Activities to Heal Depression Yourself!

“The marketing suggestions are coming too fast for me to keep up
with so I just file them and go back and read them later. I am 85 and am
not that computer literate to do some of the things suggested. I would like
emails compared to canned directions. I liked Lisa so much with her directions,
she was excellent.” – Roy Simmons, author of Divine Guidance: The Master’s Hand

“I am absolutely sold on Outskirts Press! Lora was great to work
with and my questions were always answered. I realize that business requirements
dictate her not making any suggestions/comments ‘out of the box’ for a client,
but at times I wished that we could have been able to communicate more freely.
As a new author I did not always know what questions to ask and needed to
be led a little more. As I said I have no complaints whatsoever about my
experience, I just would have liked to feel a little more of a personal
relationship for advice/comments/suggestions. I understand that this has
business complications but I still would have liked to have a freer feeling
in this area.” – Rita Keeley Brown, author of A Pawn of Fate: A true story of a search for identity

“I believe my Author Rep conducted business in a way she believed
would be beneficial to my overall publishing experience. Despite some issues
in the ‘process’ she was responsive and professional and prompt in her dealings
with me. If I thought Outskirts press could serve my needs as an artist
I would be happy to work with her again. I believe she is doing the best
that can be done for her authors within the constraints of the O.P. process.”
– Mark James Chappell, author of Red Sky in the Morning: The Post KATRINA Cover-up

“Overall, a good experience. Much better than my last book with a
different publisher. Ourskirts is faster and cheaper. My last publisher
had a different Author Rep for every major step. I will do another book
with Outskirts Press.” – Dennis Miner, author of We’ll See the World from My Harley: Motorcycle Adventures and Human Relations

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