Five Self-Published Authors Earn Over $75,000

Five Self-Published Authors Earn Over $75,000 in Royalties From Outskirts Press in 3 Months

On the heels of Bowkers’ announcement that the quantity of on-demand and short-run publications experienced a five-fold increase in 2007, the fastest-growing full-service publisher in the self-publishing sector, Outskirts Press, today announced that its top-five earning authors combined to gross over $75,000 in royalties in the first 3 months of 2008.

“Bowkers reports that traditional publishing is flat while on-demand self-publishing is growing at a staggering rate,” said Brent Sampson, president and CEO of Outskirts Press. “Even in the shadow of such competition, Outskirts Press authors continue to demonstrate that it is possible to be very successful. And as you can see from our top five authors, some of whom granted their permission to be mentioned by name in this article, your chances increase if you adhere to some basic guidelines.”

  1. Write a good book.
    No amount of marketing muscle can overcome a poor book, but a good book can compensate for minimal marketing through word of mouth. The viral and collaborative nature of today’s Internet 2.0 makes anything possible.
  2. Get your book professionally edited.
    Either have your book edited before submission, or purchase the optional editing services provided by your self-publisher. Since they strongly recommend professional editing for every book, most self-publishers will feature rates that are typically less expensive than you will find yourself in the open marketplace.
  3. Get a professionally designed custom cover.
    Your front cover has three seconds to attract a buyer’s attention; and since the majority of on-demand books are sold on retail websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the cover is more important than ever. Just ask Gang Chen, a top-five author in the first quarter, whose book, Planting
    Design Illustrated
    , features a custom cover from Outskirts Press. The result? His first quarter royalties far exceeded his entire publishing costs. Now it’s nothing but profit.
  4. Control your pricing.
    On-demand and short-run publishing is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry, but only a select few companies allow the author to set their own pricing plan, retail price, and author discount. Does that make a big difference? Just ask Kathleen Mackenzie, whose book, Not Manifesting? This Book is for You! retails for just $9.95, and yet grossed enough royalties in January, February, and March to earn a piece of that $75,000 pie.
  5. Market your book tirelessly!
    Your destiny is in your hands and no one else’s. Just ask Joseph H. Trimbach and John M. Trimbach, top-five co-authors of American Indian Mafia. “We are available for speeches and presentations; our book was reviewed in the May/June issue of South Dakota magazine; and we appear live on radio news shows.”

And that’s just for starters. Marketing support like Outskirts Press’ exclusive Marketing
provides Diamond authors with promotion
advice and marketing suggestions via email for years
after publication. Four out of five top-earning authors
published with the Diamond package.

“In this day and age of print-on-demand, people are proving that anyone can ‘print’ a book,” states Sampson. “But what good is that? Successful authors have the potential to separate themselves from the pack by publishing with a full-service, custom publishing company that provides support before, during, and after publication.”

For example, in the first three months of 2008 alone, Outskirts Press introduced three exciting, new marketing services: the Global Book Tour package, the PR Publicist, and the Book Video option, uploaded everywhere from AOL to YouTube. These services are available for published Outskirts Press authors to request at any time from the convenience of their new Author Toolkit in their Author’s Center.

So what do modest authors say when informed they are among the top-grossing authors in the on-demand industry? “How exciting!” exclaims Not Manifesting’s Kathleen Mackenzie, who published with Outskirts Press in less than 6 weeks, kept all her rights, set all her pricing, and is now sharing $75,000 first quarter royalties with four others.

Yes, exciting is a good word for it.

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