Self-Publishing Bestseller Spotlight: Z1N1 The Zombie Pandemic by: Mitchell Layne Cook

Z1N1 The Zombie Pandemic by Mitchell Layne Cook was recently on the Outskirts Press bestseller list.

How can a book become a bestseller in the competitive self-publishing market?  It can be a the result of a mixture of efforts — including dedicating a great deal of time and/or money to marketing activities.

Let’s take a closer look at this best selling book published by Outskirts Press to see what contributed to its success. By seeing what works for other authors, you can take the appropriate publishing and marketing steps to chart your own course toward successful book publishing!

  • Genre: Fiction/Horror
  • Content for niche audience
  • A professionally designed custom cover
  • Author platform:



    About Mitchell Layne Cook

    Mitch currently lives in Arkansas. In mid-2009, he became a labor office statistic – along with millions of others – as he was laid off from his job of over a decade. With ample “free” time on his hands for the last half of 2009, Mitch began writing his first novel about how he imagined the zombie apocalypse would begin.

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