Self Publishing Spotlight: Why Me, Oh Lord, Why Me?

Why Me, Oh Lord, Why Me?, disproves the theory that a born again Christian cannot be possessed by demons or evil spirits. This is a true story of a woman so possessed from the age of three on through a life of tortured hardship until she confronts God with her carefully prepared demand for an answer to her question, Why me?

An exceptional child, Jane could pick out tunes on the piano at the age of two, but by the time she was three, she began hearing unwanted demon voices in her head. These evil spirits ran in and out of her freely and when she was eleven, Jane accepted Christ as her Savior.

But these demons continued to plague her at will and she ultimately developed one tortuous second personality who caused her to act rudely and hatefully when normally, as herself, she was a joyful and congenial woman.

The remarkable conclusion to Why Me, Oh Lord, Why Me? demonstrates how Jane was finally released from the curse that had tortured and bound her for most of her life.

Co-written with her sister, Rebecca, the book also contains advice for anyone helping others with the same affliction from the two women who were Jane’s caregivers and spiritual guides.

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