Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace D. Wattles’ classic 1910 guide to financial success and personal growth has been made available by Aisha Ahad.  The well known volume lists concrete, but universal steps for anyone to take in order to acquire wealth and to achieve personal and business success. 

Aisha Ahad recently announced the re-release of Wallace D. Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich, The Secret Guide to Financial Success!, published by Outskirts Press.  After a life long study of successful people, Wattles was able to isolate the exact actions they took to achieve wealth; his classic financial guide passes those on to its readers. 

The Science of Getting Rich is written in a quaint, but emphatic turn-of-the-century prose that gets its point across with a confidence that is contagious.  Wattles’ book hones in on those steps it is necessary to take, and which the author dubs “acting in A Certain Way,” in order to achieve personal and business success. 

“Talented people get rich, and blockheads get rich,” Wattles observes.  So talent itself is not a factor in acquiring wealth, he reasons.  Getting rich is not dependent on environment, either, he concludes, unless one is trying to sell popsicles in Alaska or tanning beds in the Sahara.  Nor is the specific business one chooses a factor in getting rich, Wattles continues to reason. 

His primer on financial success lists the key elements that do need to be known and followed for success.  The following titles of some of Wattles’ chapters give hint to the personal attitude that he has discovered needs to be assumed: “The Right to Be Rich,” “The First Principle in the Right of Getting Rich,” “How Riches Come to You,” and “The Impression of Increase.”  The book concludes with a daily prayer by Og Mandino, who some classify as the greatest salesman in the world. 

Wattles firmly believed that everyone has the right to be rich.  His book was written to show everyone exactly how to achieve that wealth. 

About the Author:

Wallace Delois Wattles lived from 1860-1911 and was the author of numerous thoughtful books, and his writing continues to inspire many people today. This edition of his most famous work, The Science of Getting Rich, has been compiled and designed by Aisha Ahad.

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