Self Publishing Spotlight: Through the Triangle

For decades, tales of mysterious disappearances and strange phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle have captivated the public. Now, a fascinating new science-fiction novel offers a plausible explanation for this enduring enigma.

Through the Triangle, from physics educator C.P. Stewart, packs a high-energy rollercoaster of a story into a well-researched and fascinating book that might make you think twice before boarding that next flight or boat through this extensive region of the Atlantic Ocean.

Stewart’s first book takes readers through the Bermuda Triangle to the other side and, while fictional, is based on research. He analyzed writings of well-known physicists on the subject of spacetime and M (formerly string) theory, along with reports by some of the fortunate people who were caught in the Triangle and survived to tell about it. The result is Stewart’s conviction that people and objects don’t cease to exist, but rather are propelled into another time.

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