Self Publishing Book Spotlight: Changing of the Guard, The Yellowstone Chronicles

Ted Rechlin’s Changing of the Guard, The Yellowstone Chronicles, published by Outskirts Press, offers a striking portrayal of the Yellowstone of seventy million years ago set against the park as it is today. Rechlin’s elegant illustrations punctuate his text in a cleverly conceived historical and geographical tour of one of America’s favorite landscapes.

Rechlin describes Yellowstone as “a perfect mixture of danger and beauty” and his splendid artwork captures perfectly this unusual combination and remarkable land in both full color and dramatic black and white illustrations. The author’s own respect and admiration for nature come through page after page in the polished lines of his drawings and the clever counterpoint of today’s wild mammals against the extinct dinosaurs.Just as a person is partially defined by his history, so too is the environment of Yellowstone, and Changing of the Guard gives a more complete profile of the park by standing moose and elk side by side with tyrannosaurs and triceratops. Although an obvious choice for any child who loves dinosaurs, the book will also delight readers of any age who love nature and love the wild excitement of Yellowstone.

Rechlin’s professional experience as an artist in picture book illustration, comic book art, trading cards, tattoo and graphic design comes through brightly and clearly in the fine artwork of this volume and brings his love of Yellowstone directly into the home of the reader, regardless if that home is in Miami or the South Bronx.

About the Author:
Most of Ted Rechlin’s time is spent at the drawing board, either working on illustration projects or teaching his craft to aspiring artists. When Ted is not in his studio, he can usually be found hiking the Yellowstone back country. For more information on his art, teaching and public appearances, visit

He and his wife, Robin, currently live in central Florida.

For more information or to contact the author, please visit

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