Self Publishing Book Spotlight: Surrogate By: F. Robert Lea

Popularity Genie in a BottleF. Robert Lea’s third book, Surrogate, published by Outskirts Press, is a story of unusual fates and ironic coincidences that bring together two couples as they try to solve their dilemma of surrogate parenting.

“Just because there is one deranged woman, who wants to cause trouble, doesn’t make surrogate parenting a bad idea,” Sue says to her boss one afternoon, and so begins the remarkably creative solution these two work out between themselves and their spouses in order to bring into the world the newborn who otherwise couldn’t have arrived through the efforts of Sue and her husband alone.

Fearing she has overstepped her bounds, yet finding her boss reliable, sensitive and attractive, Sue worries the next morning that she’ll be reprimanded or fired.  Instead, the two of them put their heads together to come up with a plan to provide Sue and her husband with the child they have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive.

The story of how these four are ultimately and ironically able to work out their relationships will provide readers with a unique and entertaining look at the pitfalls looming in the unconventional landscape of surrogate parenting.



F. Robert Lea is a writer of lyric poetry (songwriter). Surrogate is his third prose work.

Born in Dayton Ohio, in 1947, music has taken him all over the US and a few places in Canada and Europe. Several trips to the Big Apple and Texas have given him a lot to talk about and an empathetic perspective on life; having known people from all walks of life. He enjoyed writing this short book and believes you will find it very amusing.

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