Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Snow Day by Pamela Greenhalgh Hamilton

Self-publishing a book is an exciting undertaking. Because we understand the dedication that is required to write a quality book, we like to feature our top authors each week so that you can get to know a little bit more about them and their book. This week, we are featuring Pamela Greenhalgh Hamilton’s Snow Day.

In her latest book, self-publishing Outskirts Press author, Pamela Greenhalgh Hamilton, tells of the joy of a snow day spent with spirited and loving grandparents and the warmth of a close family and activities that do not involve computers, video games or any other high-tech gadgets.

It had snowed all night and Tessa, Jake and Molly had slipped on their winter coats over their PJ’s so their mother could drive them to their grandparents for the day. Their young-at-heart grandma and grandpa spend the morning teaching them how to catch snowflakes on their tongues, make snow angels and pack a mean snowball. Afterward it’s an afternoon of baking sugar cookies, brewing warm cocoa and lighting a cozy fire.

“A light snow storm in early December inspired the story,” Hamilton recalls. “Little did I know that the storm was a precursor for the winter to come. The Shenandoah Valley had record snowfall and the area kids got lots of snow days.”

That snow storm reminded Hamilton of many of her activities as a child growing up in a snowy Massachusetts and the snowmen her father would help her build in their back yard. Those memories of close times with family – before the days of Mario Karts and tiny digital screens — inspired Snow Day and set the tone for the adventures Tessa, Jake and Molly have with their grandparents.

Although Snow Day is Hamilton’s first picture book, she is no stranger to the worlds of writing and journalism. Her fiction and nonfiction has been published in Hopscotch, the South Coast Insider, the Bristol County Baby Journal as well as other regional and national publications.


Pamela Greenhalgh Hamilton followed her childhood dream to become a writer when she swapped her career as an elementary school teacher for one as a journalist and public relations specialist. A recipient of recognition by the New England Press Association and the Council for Advancement in Secondary Education, her articles and fiction have appeared in regional and national publications. Originally from Massachusetts, Pamela now lives in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with her husband Bate and three cats. Snow Day is her first picture book.

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