Author Poll: Richard Siciliano Wants Your Help With His Cover

Richard Siciliano is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and he wants your help deciding his upcoming book cover.

Book Summary:

Love and redemption intervened by violence and death.

This is the mosaic journal of Joseph Curcio, a homeless ex-alcoholic who once considered himself a progressive intellectual and the future mayor of his city. It is composed of fragments of memory, pieces of accomplishment, holes of loss, and shards of guilt and regret that are too sharp to touch. But in the isolated cabin of a woman who calls herself Amanda, Joseph believes that he has discovered the glue of insight, and that when he is able to hold the completed journal to the light he will see his reflection redeemed and his life will be restored. What he cannot see, however, are the character flaws that were his undoing and which take him once again from the brink of success to tragedy, violence, and death.

About the Author:

Richard Siciliano attended Washington and Lee University and worked with community action and social service agencies for many years. He writes about the ethos of his generation and lives in a small town in Northern California.

Please take a look at the two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend.

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