Self Publishing Book Spotlight: The Dung Beetle Manager

Scott Dunlap’s The Dung Beetle Manager, published by Outskirts Press, uses the world of dung beetles to entertain its readers with a view of the office which will forever change the way they look at the American workforce. Scott’s “Brown” Management Model is a cleverly conceived, amusing metaphor for the workplace which also offers up far more grains of truth than might be expected from the world of dung.

A veteran of a distinguished 24 year career in civil service and a holder of degrees in Applied Economics and Business Administration, Scott Dunlap was contemplating the immense amount of corporate, executive and political bull that is left around the workplace when he remembered his upbringing in farm country in Walnut Ridge Arkansas and his childhood observation of a solitary dung beetle making its way out of a cow patty. “The perfect metaphor for the dynamics of corporate and public sector America and the modern workforce” he realized.So was born this entertaining look at the executives, the managers and the workers among the ranks of the 150 million men and women who currently make up the American workforce. The more Scott explored the metaphor of work as a landscape littered with dung populated by a myriad of dung beetles, the more apt he realized it was. The Dung Beetle Manager and his “Brown” Management Model is the culmination of the funny, yet insightful conclusions he has drawn from his experience and applying the tools of those masterfully efficient cleaners.

Scott explores the tasks and tribulations of executives, managers and workers, but his management model is particularly designed for managers to master the essential rules of dung, recognizing the many different types of dung strewn about the workplace, sometimes carelessly, sometimes intentionally, and, finally, understanding the nature of dung beetles themselves.

With these newly acquired “Brown” Management skills, Scott suggests that any competent dung beetle manager will be able to clean up and cope with the widespread managerial mess of corporate and public sector dung that is heaped on the workforce every day, or, at least have a good laugh while trying to work through it.

For any members of the corporate or public sector world frustrated by the way things work and do not work, The Dung Beetle Manager should provide a refreshingly entertaining and rewarding look at their workday world

About the Author:
Scott W. Dunlap is a native of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Columbia College. His distinguished 24 year career in civil service resulted in many innovations and improvements in training, education and information technology programs for the U. S. Navy.

He and his wife, Robin, currently live in central Florida.

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