Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Power of Vitamin D

In his newest book, renowned Vitamin D, thyroid and diabetes expert, Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, explains the crucial role Vitamin D plays in the normal functioning of every organ system in the body and how its powerful effects can prevent and treat a large number of medical diseases.

Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi recently announced the release of his second health book, Power of Vitamin D, published by Outskirts Press. Power of Vitamin D empowers its readers with the most useful Information on the health benefits of Vitamin D, including how to diagnose and treat vitamin D deficiency without the risk of toxicity.

Dr. Zaidi, a pioneer in the field of vitamin D, boldly pierces through a big misconception about Vitamin D: it is NOT actually a vitamin, but a Hormone. That’s why when you are low in Hormone D, you are actually suffering from a medical disease.

Dr. Zaidi explains why most people are dangerously low in Vitamin D despite the multivitamins they take, the foods they eat, the milk they drink and the exposure to sun they receive. He points out that many doctors frequently miss the diagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency because they administer the wrong test. Power of Vitamin D specifies the right test to diagnose Vitamin D deficiency and how to avoid mistakes frequently made by physicians in the interpretation of the test.

Dr. Zaidi explains the crucial role Vitamin D plays in the prevention and treatment of a myriad of medical conditions. Vitamin D can help prevent and treat various cancers, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle aches, osteoporosis as well as the common cold, asthma, arthritis and a host of other common ailments.

Dr. Zaidi emphasizes the significance of Vitamin D during pregnancy. He explains that when a mother is low in Vitamin D, her fetus is also at risk for the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency. He also explains why most pregnant women are low in Vitamin D despite taking prenatal vitamins.

The book is not just a compendium of theoretical knowledge. It presents many detailed case studies that demonstrate the incredible role Vitamin D plays in your health, a role the pharmaceutical industry is not enthusiastic about making well known

More than a well researched book, Power of Vitamin D is a necessary tool for anyone who wants to take care of their Vitamin D deficiency and reap the miraculous health benefits Vitamin D offers. Despite being a comprehensive book, Power of Vitamin D is an easy read.

About the Author:

Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, FACP, FACE, is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and a leading expert on Vitamin D, diabetes and the thyroid. He is a frequent lecturer to both the public and other physicians and he has also published a number of articles in prestigious medical journals.

Dr. Zaidi is the Director of the Jamila Diabetes and Endocrine Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California, where he treats patients on a daily basis. He is the author of the popular diabetes book Take Charge of Your Diabetes.

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