Running Shoes by Joyce Fishman Virtual Book Tour

As an author in this economy, you have to come up with creative ways to market a self-published book. While book tours are a great way to connect with your readers, they aren’t the most affordable method of promotion. However, technology has made it possible for an alternative.

Take note from self-publishing Outskirts Press author, Joyce Fishman, who is taking her latest book, Running Shoes, on tour – a virtual book tour, that is. She will be featured on several blogs over the weeks and months ahead so keep your eyes peeled to learn more about her and her book.

Luckily for us, Joyce was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of Running Shoes.

Running Shoes book cover

OP: Tell us a little bit about Running Shoes. What is it about?

JF: It’s about the pure enjoyment of running.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

JF: My niece Rachel was looking for a book on running and couldn’t find one, so I decided to write it.   I took on the challenge, and also embrace what running does for me; freedom, openness, meditative.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

JF: People who love to run in all of its forms; competitively in marathons, with a friend, or in solitude.

OP: What is special about your book?  What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

JF: It’s about the passion of running rather then technical aspects of it.

OP: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

JF: Yes, we have published, “Collective Soles” and “Shoe Garden & Other Shoe Stories” (available on Amazon). Yes, we have many ideas in the works, one being a collection of antidotes from people of all walks of life about their shoes.   If you would like to contribute a story, please contact us on our Facebook page: Shoe Banter, or email.

OP: Thanks for your time, Joyce! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!

Running Shoes Author Joyce FishmanABOUT THE AUTHOR:

JOYCE FISHMAN holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and an MAT from Kent State University. Wearing varied hats in artistic industries has given her experience in education, design, and retail. As an art teacher in both the private and public school system, a florist, and a fabric designer, Fishman is able to take inspiration and use divergent thinking to create a unique artistic harmony, with both practical application and esthetic sensibility. Fishman and her sister, Brenda Finne, run a website dedicated to fresh, thoughtful stories and illustrations about shoes and shoe owners at Other books include Shoe Garden and Other Shoe Stories and Collective Soles.



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