Run our company poll – Pick next month’s promotion

As promised last week in our poll where we asked you to pick our next option, throughout the rest of the year, we are continuing a “Web 2.0” experiment at Outskirts Press. We are depending on our valuable author community to help us deliver the options and promotions you want. After all, those decisions affect YOUR books – you should get a say in what we offer, right?

Now that we know the vast majority of you are interested in the Featured Book-of-the-Week and Social Media Market Research options, we need your help determining what promotion we should offer to authors who start publishing their books next month.  We wish that we can offer all three, but only the one you like the most will be chosen. Imagine that – if you’re planning on self-publishing a book, you can pretty much write your own ticket!

Here are brief summaries of the promotions we are thinking of offering next month (October). Tell us which one you want and it will be so.

1) Free Amazon Search Inside the Book and Barnes & Noble See Inside –  These two very popular marketing options help authors increase their sales potential by allowing online buyers to take a “sneak peek” into the book before they buy it. Readers get the convenience of buying online with the benefit of purchasing in the store, and with this promotion, you can offer all of that to your potential book buyers at no cost to you!

No need for extreme couponing
No need for "Extreme Couponing", we let you pick your promotion!

2) 10% Off Your Publishing Package – This promotion offers an instant 10% savings on our 3 most popular publishing packages (Diamond, Pearl, and Ruby). If you publish with the Diamond, you will also receive $300’s worth of additional options free, like an e-book edition and press release, among others.

3) Mad Money! – Everyone has to have their stash of mad money. New Outskirts Press authors are no different.  We will add a $300 credit to your account when you order your Diamond or Pearl publishing package. That $300 of “mad money” can be applied toward any available options purchased during the pre-production process, including our popular custom cover option or book marketing solutions.

So, what promotion should we run next month?

Here’s another question with an easier answer… Why do so many authors choose to publish with Outskirts Press?

  • You keep 100% of your rights
  • You keep 100% of your royalties
  • You keep 100% of the control
  • You get to help make the decisions that affect you the most