National Print Advertising Possible for Self-Publishing Authors Via Co-Op Programs

Cost is a major barrier to advertising self published book in national magazines. Outskirts Press has recognized this pain point and introduces a new suite of co-op advertising options available for all authors to share in the cost of promoting their book nation-wide in prestigious magazines and newspapers.

Self-publishing authors often face the big challenge of spreading the word about their book. Often, this can be a costly venture – especially when utilizing more traditional methods, such as print advertising.

This can be rather discouraging for new authors who are looking for a cost-effective method to promote their book. On top of that, uncertain economic times have caused authors to understandably avoid going into debt to promote their books. However, this often means they aren’t able to advertise at all.

To solve this problem for all authors, Outskirts Press has developed a solution that allows self-published authors to share the cost of single, full-page ads in prestigious trade and consumer magazines like:

  1. Boston Review – With over 30,000 intellectual readers
  2. ForeWord Magazine – With over 10,000 influential book buyers
  3. Publishers Weekly – With over 80,000 book enthusiasts
  4. Spirituality & Health – With over 85,000 affluent and spiritual book buyers

Self-publishing authors who market their book through the co-op ad program receive premium, full-color exposure for their book in a 2″ x 2.5″ space along with other select titles within a full-color, full-page ad designed by Outskirts Press. Each ad space features relevant information including the book’s title, byline, cover image, short summary, ISBN, and URL for purchase.

“We are excited to offer all self-publishing authors a more affordable alternative to expensive magazine ads,” said Elise Connors, Manager of Author Support at Outskirts Press. “The co-op ad program offers a budget-friendly model that puts book marketing in reach for even the most cost-conscious author.”

Self-publishing authors who are ready to promote their books to potentially hundreds of thousands of new readers and professionals around the world should visit now to reserve space in the next available magazine of their choice.