Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Men With Red Ties

Men With Red Ties, published by Outskirts Press, is a fascinating and up-close account of the women who each night create the glittery illusions that feed male fantasies in the world of elite strip clubs.  Nastassiya Palikarpava reveals in its most intimate surroundings the world of power, perversion, money, and lust that these enterprising, yet vulnerable young women inhabit each night.

Men With Red Ties tells the story of the women who strut and sway to get-down-dirty music by night, but awake in the morning to resume their lives as young immigrants trying to survive in the city.  Often yearning for home, and yet still trying to chase their already broken dreams, these young women struggle to find themselves in a dangerous new world.

Alina, Alexa and Lena are pretty young playthings trying to make a living by outwitting their clients while at the same time catering to their status, even though they can easily see through the thin veneer of that status.  Men With Red Ties tells the fictionalized stories of these complex, vulnerable women who are aware of the absurdity of their work and of the underlying boredom and unhappiness of the men they serve.  Their stories sometimes contain joy, but much more often are tragic.

“The window of this taxi and I have something in common,” one reveals.  “We are breathed on by strangers, covered by countless dirty fingers, stained by coffee, oil, and grease.  It wears the poor window out, an exhaustion that a car wash cannot cleanse away.”

With irony and wit Ms. Palikarpava shows us this underside of New York, this part of the city that devours the dreams of foolish and overconfident immigrants.  The music they dance to entrances and lures as these young, blooming flowers begin to turn into predatory plants.  Men With Red Ties shows a chameleon-like belly of the city which reflects stories of every hue, every distortion, and every gloom known to history.

Ms. Palikarapava convincingly teaches the lesson that arrogance, and arrogance alone, is the one character trait that places an insurmountable barrier between a man and woman.

About the Author: 

Nastassiya Palikarapava grew up in the town of Orsha, outside of Minsk, in Belarus.  After attending the university in Minsk, she immigrated to the Untied States where she graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Psychology from Hunter College in New York City.  After observing and reflecting on the situation of many of the young Eastern European women who came to the United States, Ms. Palikarapava now hopes that Men With Red Ties will give a voice to these women who have lost their way.

Ms. Palikarapava currently studies Music Psychotherapy at NYU.  She has released a CD, Natassiya Red Balloon, and is now working on her second novel as well as her second album.

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