Outskirts Press to Boost Self-Publishing Book Sales Through New Amazon Listing Optimization Service

Well-written marketing copy is vital to capturing the imaginations of prospective readers. However, writing to appeal to calculating, non-human search engines is more complex than putting together frilly words artistically. Search engines don’t react emotionally to riveting copy; they discover relevant content based on complex algorithms.

Amazon Listing Optimization tailors the Amazon sales page to appeal to both Internet search engines and the additional readers who are subsequently directed to the optimized Amazon sales page.

The Outskirts Press staff spends a great deal of time around books and understands what entices readers to buy. Additionally, the staff of professional marketers is knowledgeable about how to use search engine optimization (SEO) – a technique that flummoxes even the best authors – to attract more readers to the appropriate sales page. With Amazon Listing Optimization authors receive:

1. Professionally written and carefully worded marketing language.
2. Verbiage that entices readers to buy.
3. Researched keywords that perform well in search engine results pages.
4. Search engine optimized copy that increases the odds a book will turn up when appropriate potential buyers conduct a search.
5. Better selling odds with no additional effort.

Learn more about this exciting new option, which is available for all authors, published with Outskirts Press or not, at http://outskirtspress.com/p/amazonoptimized.