There are no Little Stories, and no little authors

Little Stories by Jeff Roberts
Little Stories by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts, recently published author of Little Stories, demonstrates there are no little stories, and no little authors. He is getting big fast with his marketing prowess. Currently the internet is ablaze with his high number of positive book reviews, podcasts, author interviews, and a book video making the rounds on YouTube and Google.

To listen to the author interview from Inside Scoop, click here.

Writer’s Digest says: “The hallmark of Roberts’ collection is his strong writing. He captures scenes with expertise, and his characters come to life through the dialogue. The author’s stories are moving, light-hearted when appropriate, and explicitly human. In its best moments the powerful stories quickly become page turners once you get into the text.”

Kirkus Discoveries says: “…Roberts demonstrates a talent for tapping into the fault lines of human landscapes and the brittleness of relationships that are felled with a single word.” says: “The unassuming title of Jeff Roberts’ ‘Little Stories’ belies the richness of the narratives within. These character-driven stories are haunting and believable. A master of writing ‘tight’ (as one of my college English profs termed it), Roberts is capable of crafting psychological portraits of his characters in very few words…My personal favorites, ‘A Triptych’ and ‘The Red and The Black’, revolve around a failing marriage, a lonely old man, and the death of Roberts’ grandfather. The characters in these stories are not happy people, but Roberts reveals glimpses of beauty in their lives. Readers will feel compassion for the characters, and squirm occasionally as they recognize aspects of themselves.”


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