Get Your Book Started — or Finished — in 2015 with Help from a Professional Ghostwriter

Could 2015 be the year you enter the self-publishing realm? Why not? It’s only January, and 11 1/2 months is plenty of time to crank out a book.

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Or is it? Perhaps writing that great American novel was your 2014 resolution too. Oh, how the best-laid plans go to the wayside! Between work schedules, kids’ practices and sports events, social events, family obligations and chores around the house, it seems there’s never enough time to spend hours each week on a pet project. Writing, it seems, is always the first thing to get set aside. And, darn it, you had suc

h a terrific idea for a bookl!

Well, get it done anyway — hire a ghostwriter! Ghostwriting is one of the most poorly kept “secrets” in the literary industry. Almost every celebrity autobiography you have ever read or heard of was written by a ghostwriter.  Even hugely successful authors like James Patterson collaborate with other authors to produce high-quality books so prolifically. Ghostwriting is a great option for any writer, but is particularly effective for busy individuals who have a need for a book but simply lack the time to compose (or finish) the manuscript.

Ghostwriting services can be contracted to write the entire book, get you through a particularly difficult part of the manuscript or to finish it up for you. They’ll even rewrite one that’s already complete, but not in the condition you want. Professional ghostwriters are adept at matching the “voice” and “tone” of material that is already written, and they’re always extremely flexible to your needs.

So, if you need a little — or a lot — of help getting that writing finished, consider getting the ball rolling with your own professional ghostwriter.

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