Top Apps for Writers

These days, there’s a crazy amount of competition in the world of literature. Fortunately, there are also more tools than ever to help writers create, organize and publicize their work!

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices, and too many specifically geared toward writing to even list. However, we’ll spotlight several of our favorites in a series of blogs covering word processing/writing apps, writer’s tools, blogs and social media apps, and even applications for tracking your work.

Today we’ll focus on the basics: word processing and writing apps. If you’re very comfortable using a smartphone or tablet during the writing process, some of these may seem basic. However, if you’ve never used anything but a good ol’ paper and pencil, give these apps a try. You may find the portability and functionality useful in making you more productive and creative.


This may well be the easiest transition from the traditional leather-bound journal to the digital writing medium. Made for iPad, iJournaler is meant to replicate a paper journal. The bonus here is the ability to websync and sort entries easily without ripping out pages, scanning and copying.

My Writing Spot

Simple yet powerful, this iPad app is perfect for getting down your prose quickly without distraction. The app allows you to quickly organize your work, autosave and websync your documents, and includes wordcounts and password protection features.

Writer’s Studio

Writer’s Studio lets you add audio and visual elements to your writing projects. Geared toward writers who want to create an interactive experience, the app is a great way for writers to play with design and layout, cover art and other publishing elements.


When you need a do-it-all app for gathering and capturing creativity on the fly, it’s hard to beat FreeNote for functionality. The note-taking tool gives users the ability to take handwritten or typed notes, audio notes, Internet screen captures and more. The convenience is awfully nice, but FreeNote is also a heck of a word processor. Once you create a document, you can edit, manipulate fonts, annotate, save and share documents, and even set reminders for future tasks within the document. FreeNote is hard to learn at first, but with practice, you can do almost anything you need to do to draft your next book all in one app.

Keep an eye on this blog for more apps for writers. Next time, we’ll discuss applications you can use to jump start and manage your writing. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about your favorite creative apps and the unique ways you’ve put them to work!

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