Outskirts Press Author Mary Nolan Brown Takes Her Book on the Road to Florida!

Picketing the President, by Mary Nolan Brown, is a historical fiction novel for teens that is an inside look at girls and women fighting for the right to vote a hundred years ago and a coming-of-age tale. And now, it’s a selection of the Amelia Island (Florida) Book Fair. Brown will present to a local AP American history class as part of this honor.

In Picketing the President, Delia accompanies her grandmother to Washington, D.C., to demonstrate for women’s right to vote. While there, interest in the suffrage movement blossoms in Delia, as does a romance with a captain in the army, and her troubled relationship with her grandmother is mended. Weaving well-researched historical facts with a warm, personal story that many teens can relate to, Brown has written a novel applauded by critics and readers alike.

Outskirts Press Author Cynthia L. Clark Receives a Great Write-up in the Midwest Book Review!

Authors love reviews from any source—but when it comes to a major and respected publication like the Midwest Book Review, a nod of appreciation is extra sweet! And that is precisely what Outskirts Press author Cynthia L. Clark received for her picture book Wilbur and the Watering Can.

The Midwest Book Review called it “a gentle, fun story of gardening and family enjoyments,” complemented with “bright, colorful drawings.”

We couldn’t agree more. The story of children Magnolia and Lily, Mama, and their new friend Wilbur the toad is a charming, cheerful read for all!

You can see more books that Cynthia L. Clark published below.

Rock & Roll: It’s National Guitar Pick Day . . . with Outskirts Press Author Brian Bouchard

Next to grabbing your own guitar and jamming, picking up a copy of Brian Bouchard’s Guitar Picks of Rock & Roll 2 is the best way to celebrate National Guitar Pick Day this July 5!

Bouchard, who earned a Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Medal during his twenty-year career in the US Army, has been collecting guitar picks for over thirty years. Over the decades, “Pick-Hunter,” as he’s known on eBay and Facebook, has learned the field of studying, appreciating, and collecting guitar picks inside and out. In Guitar Picks of Rock & Roll 2, he’s distilled his knowledge for the beginner and the most seasoned collector of celebrity guitar picks from the classic rock era. He provides:

  • Nearly 5,000 photos of more than 3,000 guitar picks from the 1960s to 1990, some of the rarest of these picks appearing in print for the very first time
  • Guidance on determining guitar pick values and how to spot counterfeit picks
  • Information on insuring your collection, as well as displaying, storing, and caring for it

When verifying information about the tours each pick was used on, Bouchard sought the most reliable sources, including the guitarists and their guitar techs themselves.

Guitar picks are beautiful little treasures of our shared musical history. So whether you’re a fan or a musician, a new collector or one as established as Bouchard, you’ll love spending National Guitar Pick Day with Guitar Picks of Rock & Roll 2—your favorite riffs playing as you flip through the photos, of course.

D’Youville College Celebrates Alum, ‘Nursing Jambalaya’ Author Jacqueline Spencer in Web Feature

Outskirts Press author Jacqueline Spencer and her book, Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side: Nurses Speak Out, were featured recently in an article on D’Youville College’s website. Spencer, who published her book last fall, is a 1978 graduate of Buffalo, NY, institution.

Nursing Jambalaya is a non-fiction book that sheds light on the nursing profession with insight – and a healthy Nursing Jambalayadose of humor – from three insiders with nearly a century combined nursing experience.

“I wanted to give today’s nurses and nursing students something to look back at and to include some humorous situations that happened to me and my co-authors,” Spencer told D’Youville College. “I’m very proud of my profession and wanted to share with it with others.”

Spencer, RN, BSN, Lynell Whittington-Brignac (RN) and Beverly S. Ward, RN, MSN, leaned on more than 30 years’ nursing experience each in their collaboration. With Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side, the three debunk many of the misconceptions about the profession and reveal truths about nursing that even many practicing professionals don’t know.

The book offers entertaining revelations to those considering a nursing career, or active nurses who want to explore other facets of the profession, such as research, education or public health outreach. Both types of readers will come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the calling, and perhaps a few laughs along the way.

Spencer is the author of two other books, You’ve Got a Friend and Love Has No Conscience, under her pen name, Girlras. Lynell Whittington-Brignac is a graduate of Lamar University and has three decades’ experience in medical/surgical and psychiatric nursing. Beverly Ward is a nurse educator with 30 years’ clinical nursing experience and is pursing her doctoral degree in education for higher learning at Walden University.

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