Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: Easy Money by: Daryl Moore

In his dramatic tale, Outskirts Press author, Daryl Moore, is able to effectively capture the slow slide of two young men into a life they had not envisioned with consequences more horrifying than they had thought possible. Like his first novel, Money Hungry, about the mean Washington D.C. cop who robs drug dealers to support the demands of his greedy wife, Easy Money helps readers enter the hearts and minds of innocent men turned bad by a world ready to prey on them.

A part time cashier at a fast food restaurant, Greg decides he’s tired of being broke.  He wants more money than flipping hamburgers can ever bring in, and his friend Skip agrees.  They know all fine women like brothers with their pockets filled with cash.

Selling weed seems the perfect solution to them.  It’s not like selling hard drugs.  It’s natural.  It comes from the earth.

The young men are off on a mission.

But the world of drugs, and the people inhabiting it, and the consequences of dealing are more than they have bargained for, and jail suddenly looms as a possible future for them.


Daryl has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership. His hobbies include motorcycle riding and watching sports. He also enjoys watching good movies at the theater.

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