Save 25% on Children’s Illustrations this Black Friday

Black Friday is COLORFUL at Outskirts Press!

For one day only, Friday, November 26th, you can save 25% on all our amazing, award-winning full-color illustration packages.  Depending upon how many you need, you can literally save thousands of dollars!

If you need many illustrations for a children’s storybook series, now is the time.  Or if you just need 10 or 15 custom drawings for a single children’s book, now is the time.  Or if you just need a single illustration for a cover that isn’t even a children’s book, now is the time.

We have recently introduced more than 20  new styles to choose from.   We are sure you will find what you want, and check out the benefits of ordering your full-color illustrations from Outskirts Press:

  • Over 35 unique, amazing styles to choose from
  • Available as singles, or packages of 10 or 15
  • Two different pricing tiers to choose from
  • You never have to split your royalties with the artist
  • Avoid the delays and uncertainties of unfinished projects and uncommitted artists
  • You can publish wherever you want (although we’ll give you an additional 15% if you publish with Outskirts Press)


To check out all the styles and to save 25% today, click here:

This is just a small sample of the new styles we have added recently. We recently added over 20 new styles, bringing the total choices past 35  unique styles to choose from.

Of course, our illustration packages go perfectly with our exclusive full-color publishing package. Click here for details about the PEARL publishing package to publish your high-quality children’s book in paperback and/or hardback for sale online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more!

Self publishing company offers 18 unique children’s illustration styles

Outskirts Press is proud to introduce another illustration style to our ever-expanding custom illustration packages. This brings the available styles to choose from to 18!

The CITRUS STYLE features vibrant and bright colors and is also priced in our most affordable tier. Get full-color original illustrations for
your children’s book or full-color publication for as little as $100 each with Outskirts Press.

Have you been looking high and low for professional, full-color illustrations that are affordable and where you do not have to split your royalties with the artist? Look no further. Outskirts Press can help. To view all the illustration styles and pricing, visit our art page at and then watch the illustration video below.

Can you imagine YOUR children’s book with original, affordable full-color illustrations?  Check out these recent book videos featuring our full-color work…

Blue Ice Mountains

Aurora of the Northern Lights

On Angels Wings – Softball

Are you ready to publish your full-color children’s book with an industry-leading 5 different paperback trim sizes and 18 different illustration styles to choose from?

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