Self Publishing Authors Now Have Over 70 Children’s Illustration Styles to Choose From With the Addition of 37 New Styles

Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, announced today the release of thirty-seven new illustration styles for authors of children’s books to choose from.  These royalty-free, full-color or black & white motifs provide authors a full spectrum of styles so that they can illustrate their children’s books with professional, unique images that not only match the aesthetics of their text, but also magnify the impact of their story.

With this recent addition of eighteen new full-color and twenty-one new black & white illustration styles, children’s authors can confidently choose from a wide range of backgrounds that create everything from a Henri Rousseau-like jungle, with “Indigo,” to a Pre-Raphaelite forest full of elves and faeries, with “Chamois.”

“With our amazing new variety of children’s illustration styles, authors can be confident that their artwork will be just what they ordered, and they will never have to split royalties with the artist,” said Outskirts Press Vice President Kelly Schuknecht.  “In fact, authors don’t even have to publish with Outskirts Press, although we will give authors a fifteen percent discount on the illustration pricing if they do.”

Unlike other publishers, Outskirts Press does not have their authors split their book royalties with the artists.  Instead, illustration style packages with Outskirts Press are one-time purchases designed to allow authors to keep one hundred percent of their royalties.

These custom children’s illustrations are purchased in blocks of one, ten or fifteen on a sliding scale pricing structure, and the author may choose from a wide variety of full color illustration styles, from the cartoon-like imagery of Dandelion, Goldenrod or Citrus to the more sophisticated artwork of Maize, Saffron or Sunflower.  Likewise, black and white styles cover a full stylistic spectrum from the simpler sketching of Magpie or Cinders to the more complete line and shadow drawings of Atraus or Licorice.

In short, with the addition of thirty-seven new illustration styles to its already extensive palette, self-publishing authors will have no trouble finding a perfect match for their text. View all of the illustration styles and get started at

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