Pinterest Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors: Nash Black

Husband-and-wife self-publishing team Nash Black debuts on Pinterest with a page full of juicy fiction from ghost tales and mystery to riveting historical fiction.

Outskirts Press is proud to announce the addition of husband-and-wife writing team Nash Black to Pinterest with the prolific authors’ own page. The dedicated Pinterest page highlights Nash Black’s six eclectic books that run the gamut from mystery/detective fiction to a non-fiction book on writing as a small business venture.Irene Black and Ford Nashett

Nash Black is the collective pen name of the husband-and-wife writing partnership of Ford Nashett and his wife, Irene Black. After retirement, the couple tucked away their fishing tackle and golf clubs and launched into their second full-fledged careers as fiction and non-fiction authors. The collaboration has yielded a half-dozen books ranging from thrilling fiction novels to a non-fiction tome with valuable insight for other writers looking to make money in the business: Cards of Death, Prelude of Death, Sandprints of Death, Haints, Qualifying Laps and the non-fiction book Writing as a Small Business.

Qualifying LapsQualifying Laps: A Brewster County Novel

Brewster County: Farm for sale, complete with brand new barn, old Corvette and one dead body.

It was a hot and humid afternoon when ex-race car driver Jim Young and his brother Adam decided to check out Adam’s new purchase—the childhood farm where so many memories lay. What the two never expected was to find the car that killed Catherine Throckton with a mummified corpse in the driver’s seat. It had been nearly ten years since Catherine was killed by a hit-and-run driver, the same time that a local teenage boy had disappeared.

When the eyes of the law turn on Jim, he begins to engage in his own search for answers. But when his brother Adam is savagely attacked by an unknown group of assailants, the Young family bands together to try to solve the decade-old mystery. The more involved they become, the more neighbors keep turning up dead. You’d think the Sheriff of Brewster County would show a little more interest.


How thin is the veil between myth and reality?

Haints’ ghost stories are the legends and lore of the Cumberland Plateau. Using the Cumberland River, which winds its way through Brewster County as binding twine, Nash Black weaves yarns of the probable and the plausible. Scientific fact, recorded history, and ecological observation exist side by side with superstition, cultural folklore, and myths.

You will ask what is fact and what is fiction as each man tells his story according to his own understanding of the world of Haints. The stories are graphic examples of an oral tradition as old as the mountains of their origin when story telling was both an important means of passing on history and an evening’s entertainment.

Writing as a Small BusinessWriting as a Small Business

In days of yore, painters created portraits, writers penned stories, musicians composed and no one ever worried about being audited. In today’s world, authors need to have business savvy. Yet so many find themselves long on creativity, but short on tax knowledge, business expertise, or marketing skills. Writing as a Small Business is the perfect guide to help writers navigate through the world of creative self-employment.

In Writing as a Small Business, you’ll learn:

  • Why it is to your advantage that the IRS considers you a small business
  • How to fill out tax forms
  • How to engage in recordkeeping that can make you audit-proof
  • How to handle advances on royalties, grants and gratuities
  • How to protect your work and your computer from bugs

And in a section specially for writers, Nash Black takes you into the world of publishing, where you learn what it takes to merchandise and sell your work.

Nash Black is a pseudonym for the husband and wife team of Ford Nashett and Irene Black. When they retired to their lakeside home, they placed their fishing tackle and golf clubs in the garage and set about writing Brewster County stories.

Authors are increasingly turning to Pinterest in order to market their books to readers who are quickly learning the social media site is a rich resource for discovering new authors and books by favorite authors. Book cover art, along with a summary of the story line of each book, provide a quick overview of each author’s specialty. Visitors to Nash Black’s Pinterest page will learn about the authors and view covers and summaries for each of their books. Fans of the authors’ work can pin books that interest them to their own Pinterest page for later purchase or sharing with friends. By following Nash Black, readers can also receive notice when new books by this writing team are released.

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