Self-Publishing Spotlight: So…You’re An Actor?! PROVE IT!

Canaan W.E.J. Robinson is an actor, a businessman, and a marketing expert. Throughout his career, he has fine-tuned the art of self-promotion, and he has an inside scoop on how the entertainment industry really works. This combined experience came in handy for his new book, So…You’re an Actor? Prove It!—Branding and Marketing for Today’s Aspiring Actors, published by Outskirts Press. It’s a straight-shooting guidebook designed to help actors stand out from the crowd and turbo-charge their careers—a self-marketing how-to book no actor should be without.

Packed with tips and secrets collected from New York City industry professionals, So…You’re an Actor? Prove It! teaches self-promotion through engaging exercises and practical tips. In this highly competitive field, actors must learn to stand out from the crowd, and Canaan’s new book will help any actor establish their stage name and visibility both online and off.

In this industry there are many advice, how-to, and instructional books, but they come from working actors or industry professionals, and while some of these books might have a wealth of knowledge, there is danger the advice might be outdated or skewed by perspective.… This is where Canaan’s book is a revelation, because it isn’t a “how-to” by someone trying to make his place in a competitive field, but a book for beginners by a peer who understands what you are (or will be) going through. The contents act more like a guide from a friend than a “do it this way.”

—Jagger Kaye
Actor, Instructor & Owner/Operator of

About the Author:
Canaan W.E.J. Robinson has participated in numerous projects for television, movies, commercials, and documentaries, as well as off-Broadway productions. With a degree in business and marketing, he takes the same principles for branding small businesses and applies them to his craft. Robinson lives in East Orange, New Jersey.

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