Introducing Self-Publishing Author Dell M. Allen’s Book Video Trailer for “Meat Then and Now”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Meat Then and Now (published by Outskirts Press, June 2022), by Dell M. Allen.

The History of Meat and the Expansion of America

As the population of the United States expanded and moved westward, the meat and livestock industry expanded as well. Animals were essential not only for food and other products, but also as a source of power for pulling wagons and farm equipment. The parallel development of railroads was instrumental in the efficient transport for both livestock and meat during America’s rapid growth in the 1800s and early 1900s. An entire industry was developed to raise, market, slaughter, and process meat for the nation’s citizens, and this fascinating book provides extensive histories of early meat companies. Researched with authoritative and meticulous detail by a leading expert in the field of meat and food safety, Meat Then and Now will give you perspective on the industry, rooted in the history of America’s development.

Dell M. Allen

Dell M. Allen

Dell M. Allen was raised on a farm in rural southeast Kansas and after graduating from High School, attended Kansas State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Husbandry in 1961. He then transitioned to the University of Idaho where he received a Masters degree in Animal Science in 1963. He then went to Michigan State University receiving his PhD in 1966. It was while he was at Michigan State that he met and married his wife Joyce in 1965. Following graduation at MSU, he returned to Kansas State as an Assistant Professor in the Animal Science Department. He remained at Kansas State on the faculty until 1988 when he joined Excel Corporation (now called Cargill Meat Solutions). While at KSU he coached the meat judging team from 1967 to 1979 where his teams won multiple contests and consistently place in the top two or three teams. This provided him with the opportunity to visit a wide variety of meat plants and learn the industry, bringing those experiences with him back to the classroom. While at KSU, his research focused primarily on beef composition and beef quality. In 1977, he was contracted by the US General Accounting Office to do a nationwide survey on the accuracy and uniformity of beef grading as applied by USDA meat graders across the US. This resulted in a joint research project between the Departments of Animal Science and Electrical Engineering at KSU developing a prototype beef grading instrument by coupling a digital camera with a computer which ultimately was adopted by both Ag Canada and USDA meat graders. In 1978, he went to Brazil to work on an AID project pertaining to the potential development of a beef grading system for that country. In 1980, he took a one year leave of absence to work for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the Law and Compliance division and worked at developing new feeder cattle and fat cattle contract specifications. In 1988, he joined Excel Corporation rising through the ranks to become Vice President of Technical Services and Food Safety where he was responsible for company wide food safety and quality standards for Excel/Cargills 20 meat plants across the nation and Canada. While at Excel/Cargill, Dr. Allen reached out to consumer advocacy groups conducting tours of Excel plants for several of them and for elected officials and their staff that had been critical of the industry. He has spoken at many major food safety conferences and collaborated in many high profile efforts to work with the Department, the broader industry from farm to fork, and with consumer advocates. He has been recognized with awards by many groups, including the Scientific Achievement Award from the American Meat Institute, the E. Floyd Forbes Award from the National Meat Association, the Howard Baughman Food Safety Award from the FSIS-USDA, the R.C. Pollack Award by the American Meat Science Association, and was named to the Meat Industry Hall of Fame in its initial class of 2009. In February of 2013, Dell was named the 2013 “Stockman of the Year” by the Livestock and Meat Industry Council, at Kansas State University. Since retirement from Cargill, Dell has worked as “Consultant” on the meat packing industry, working with a variety of companies including multiple packing companies, food safety companies and Merck on projects ranging from food safety issues to production problems. He and Joyce have done some traveling and both spending time with their grandchildren.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Dr. Larry Webb’s Book Video Trailer for “Are We Yet Alive?”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Are We Yet Alive? Effective Ministry in a Multi-Stress World (published by Outskirts Press, May 2022), by Dr. Larry Webb.

Critical Skills When Treading Water is Not Enough

The role and profession of ministry includes both generic and episodic stressors. This time of pandemic, isolation, distance ministry and reduced congregational options is encumbered with global issues centered in the war in Ukraine. Churches are feeling the impact locally and globally. Add to these stressors an increasing division between conservative and progressive members and congregations and the emotional load on pastors may reach the breaking point. The insights and skills shared in Are We Yet Alive, can blunt the emotional and spiritual impact of these challenges and lead to healing ministry for self and congregations. Dr. Webb has walked this path and offers concrete actions to enhance the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and others.

The experience in this volume has developed over thirty-five years of ministry in small, medium, and large congregations from California to Florida. It is also informed by thirty years of psychotherapy with pastors and church members, and consultations with churches of numerous denominations across the nation. During that time the nation has encountered several crises and those have impacted the churches. I have seen and worked with churches during times of war, economic uncertainty, political transitions, and cultural crises. Working in the community with businesses, government, and not-for-profit agencies has enabled me to see that many human issues cross lines with those facing clergy. My wife, daughters, and colleagues have helped me be more sensitive in areas I might have missed a healing opportunity.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Răzvan Petrea’s Book Video Trailer for “The Champion Mindset”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for The Champion Mindset
How I Went From Homeless to CEO
 (published by Outskirts Press, May 2022), by Răzvan Petrea.

The hard part is not getting your body in shape, the hard part is getting your mind in shape and once you have the proper mindset, what I call the “Champion Mindset”, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Răzvan Petrea

Răzvan “Raz” Petrea is an optimist who enjoys comedy, travelling, fishing, working out, watching and playing sports, learning new things, reading, listening to music and last but not least films. He is passionate about motivating people to achieve their potential and manifest their destiny. He was born in Romania in 1981 and moved to United States in 2005. He has a background in sports, and he fell in love with working out and the fitness lifestyle. Eventually, he was able to turn his passion for fitness into a career and in 2008 became a certified personal trainer. In 2012, he opened his first business, an in-home personal training business. In 2019 he started working as a life coach (pro bono) as a way to give back to his community. The same year, he launched his YouTube channel (Raz Petrea/Champion Mindset), started working as a motivational speaker and wrote this book with the intention to motivate and inspire people. He hopes this book can be helpful in aiding others to create and live happy and meaningful lives. His motivation and drive came from the desire to reach his full potential, give back to the community and leave this place better than he found it. He believes in living his life in a “Crescendo” and he always wakes up in the morning ready to “attack the day”. For business inquiries, you can reach him at his email address:

Introducing Self-Publishing Author Great-Aunt Rita’s Book Video Trailer for “The Tooth Fairy Makes a Mistake”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for The Tooth Fairy Makes a Mistake (published by Outskirts Press, June 2022), by Great-Aunt Rita.

What happens when the Tooth Fairy makes a mistake?

When Michael loses his front tooth, he puts it under his pillow, anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy. But the Tooth Fairy, in her hurry, accidentally leaves him too much money, which means there won’t be enough money for other children who lose their teeth. Now Michael faces a choice—should he keep the shiny new bike he bought with his windfall or let the White Fairy Rat set things straight?

“Adorable and vibrantly illustrated story, showing children the valuable lesson that even The Tooth Fairy can make a mistake. Read to see how this mistake gets corrected. And, in so doing, children will learn that mistakes can be corrected.”—Marion Goldberger, Retired Elementary School Teacher

“Anyone can make a mistake, including The Tooth Fairy. It is a special boy, who can understand and help make things right. Reading this book will show children, even though they make mistakes, there are ways to correct their mistakes.” —Deborah Sandler, Board member of the Ullman Trust for Education and Health, Mother extraordinaire

“Great-Aunt Rita has crafted an original story that humanizes The Tooth Fairy and teaches that anyone can make a mistake. It shows that mistakes can and should be corrected when possible. This is a fun read that also teaches an important lesson to young children.” —Susan Spitz, Master’s of Journalism, Mother extraordinaire

Great-Aunt Rita

Great-Aunt Rita (and she really is GREAT), AKA Rita Berman, M.D., M.P.H. is a dentist’s daughter who has heard a lot of stories about the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy Makes a Mistake is her second children’s book. She and her great-nephew and great-niece, Jake and Elina Farber, wrote Roarasaurus, the Roaring, Soaring Dinosaur!

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Sarah Sebring Binder’s Book Video Trailer for “Pack Rat’s Lost and Found”

Pack Rat’s Lost and Found

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Pack Rat’s Lost and Found (published by Outskirts Press, April 2022), by Sarah Sebring Binder.

The desert critters concoct a clever plan when Pack Rat’s wish is granted.

Every night, by the light of the moon, Pack Rat whispers to the glittering stars, “Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish I might find a treasure tonight!” When Pack Rat’s wish comes true and he finds a glittering, gorgeous star, he is ecstatic and takes it back to his desert palace. But oh no, Mrs. Binder is missing one earring—a very special glittering gold star, a gift from her husband. Cat helps in the search and then recruits the desert birds. “Meow, meow, have you seen a glittering star?” Roadrunner races here and there spreading the word. The doves coo and call a crowd. Cactus Wren twitters. Gila Woodpecker tat-a-tat-tats and knocks on Owl’s door. Red-Tailed Hawk squawks, “I know the rat who stole the star. Pack Rat dragged it to his nest, and now he’s taking his daily beauty rest.” Now Cat must concoct the purrfect plan, with the help of his desert backyard critters, to retrieve the glittering gold star.

Sarah Sebring Binder

Sarah Sebring Binder has been an educator for more than 40 years, sharing her love of reading, writing, and storytelling. When not writing, she loves to garden, dance, fiddle, travel, and quilt.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Cory Jenson’s Book Video Trailer for “Flight of Fear”

Flight of Fear
by Cory Jenson

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Flight of Fear (published by Outskirts Press, March 2022), by Cory Jenson.

Book Details

When Ethan Parrish boarded Flight 272 in Hong Kong, he was looking forward to an uneventful trip home. He planned to sleep most of the way. He had no idea that he would soon be facing a life or death situation. Ethan’s experience as a police detective had prepared him to face emergencies, but nothing like this. His actions over the next 24 hours could decide the fate of, not only himself, but millions of innocent people.

Cory Jenson

Cory Jenson has always had a thirst for travel. His Air Force service and his 30-year business career have taken him to 66 different countries. International travel, therefore, plays an integral part in his writing. He holds a BS in Business. His early years were spent in Seattle, Washington where he met and married his wife, Edna. He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Tom Betts’s Book Video Trailer for “The Forgotten Phoenix”

The Forgotten Phoenix
The Inner-City of Phoenix, Arizona
by Tom Betts

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for The Forgotten Phoenix
The Inner-City of Phoenix, Arizona
(published by Outskirts Press, March 2022), by Tom Betts.

The Phoenix You Never See

Phoenix, Arizona is a modern, pleasant, and exciting city that is increasingly a destination location for its climate and amenities. However, like most major cities in the United States, Phoenix has an inner city that few are aware of or want to know about. This part of the city is run down, with neglected, abandoned homes and buildings. Crime is common, and people retreat into houses with gates, fences, and bars on the windows, hoping to maintain safety and privacy with “No Trespassing” signs on their front doors. There are homeless and others in distress, wandering the streets with nowhere to go. Restaurants and stores struggle to stay afloat and serve the needs of those in the area. This book of photos reveals the stark truth of the forgotten city of Phoenix—and the people who deserve to be noticed, respected, and seen.

Tom Betts

Photographer Tom Betts has lived in a wide range of American cities. He grew up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington, and has lived in Portland, Denver, San Francisco, Bettendorf, and Des Moines. He spent his working career as a court administrator in Bettendorf before retiring in 2005. Later he bought a Canon camera at The Camera Corner photography store in Davenport, Iowa and his interest in photography took off. He and his wife now live near Phoenix. They have a daughter and three grandchildren.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Latesha Gilchrist’s Book Video Trailer for “A Living Epistle of A Servant of Christ”

A Living Epistle of A Servant of Christ
by Latesha Gilchrist

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for A Living Epistle of A Servant of Christ (published by Outskirts Press, March 2022), by Latesha Gilchrist.

Book Details

“She’s done it again! Another page-turner and it is just as powerful, riveting, and transformative as her last book, if not more…”

No theology degree, an unorthodox message that the living God put on Latesha Gilchrist’s heart. A living Epistle is the living, breathing, walking, and talking testimony of Latesha transition as she takes the steps of allowing God to transform her life; past, present, and future. Gilchrist is the surname of Gaelic language origins, meaning a servant of Christ according to Wikipedia. God threw the world a curveball when he chose Latesha. For every inch taken, a step has to be made and Latesha takes the reader through every step while on her wild but truthful and liberating journey of redemption. So, buckle your seatbelt and get ready to take the ride of your life.

About the Author

Latesha Gilchrist

Latesha Gilchrist is a Christian who dedicates her life to helping others discover their true authentic selves through unorthodox methods. She is a mother, Certified Peer Support Counselor, author, speaker and is currently working on her third book.

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Introducing Self-Publishing Author Geeta Pati’s Book Video Trailer for “A Cosmic Voyage”

A Cosmic Voyage by Geeta Pati

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for A Cosmic Voyage (published by Outskirts Press, December 2021), by Geeta Pati.

Book Details

“Science begins in wonder and curiosity. Geeta Pati’s imaginative rendering of the strange world revealed by modern physics brings it to life for young people.” — Dr. Frank Wilczek, Physics professor at MIT, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, 2004.

This is the first part of a book series titled A Cosmic Voyage. After the moon adventure of the three animal astronauts—a fish named Finny, a rabbit named Happa, a crow named Chalu, and their counselor, a wise owl named Guru—leaves them stranded on a lunar orbit, they helplessly wait for rescue. While waiting, the wise owl Guru decides to teach the animal astronauts about the universe and its contents. While listening to Mr. Guru, Finny is astonished to find himself alone, zipping through total darkness in space-time in a spaceship—an ultimate time machine with an on-board supercomputer. Finny travels 13.8 billion years back in time, and witnesses the Big Bang and the creation of the basic elements of matter in the universe within the first three minutes of the Big Bang. After a lo-o-o-ng interval of 380,000 years, Finny witnesses the creation of atoms, leading to the creation of stars and galaxies in the cooled-down universe.

The story and the characters in the story are fictional, but the science and the scientific facts in the book are up-to-date. To make science interesting for children, the elementary particles and other space entities are personified: they talk, they sing, and they even dance like performers on the stage.

About the Author

Geeta Pati

Geeta was born in India and received a graduate degree in Psychology prior to immigrating to the United States. Since then, she has been devoted to the education of children in the physical and biological sciences. She was a volunteer teacher in an elementary school in Maryland, she raised four children. Her husband is a Physics Professor.

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