The Self Publishing Book Expo

The inaugural Self Publishing Book Expo is taking place in New York City on November 7, 2009.

Unlike other book exhibits, the Self-Publishing Book Expo will be the only event of its kind to highlight the books of self-publishing companies and their authors, and give them the prominence and prestige they deserve.

The time has come to have an exhibition where the spotlight is solely on self-published books and authors. The first annual Self-Publishing Book Expo will bring national focus and attention to the fastest-growing segment of today’s publishing industry.

Outskirts Press is a proud sponsor of the Self Publishing Book Expo and will be on hand at the event when CEO Brent Sampson gives a presentation on the 3 Paths of Book Publishing and participates on a panel about book distribution with other panelists from Ingram, Midpoint, and Bowker.

To register for the event through the Self Publishing Book Expo website, visit

Don’t yet have a published book to feature at the expo? Now is the time to start:

 Start Publishing

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