Bob Ralston wins a free Apple iPad Mini

The competition was fierce throughout, but when all was said and done, Bob Ralston, author of God, Physics and Me was named our big winner for his technically impressive and charming video submission below:

Bob wins a Wi-Fi enabled Apple iPad Mini for being the finalist receiving the most public votes for his video in our “Give Thanks” video contest. Congratulations, Bob!

After Bob’s discharge from the Navy in July 1946, he attended the University of California at Berkeley, and studied at its outstanding physics department. After graduation, he worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, doing exciting applied research that focused on nuclear safety, nuclear waste disposal, and environmental studies. Born in 1926 in Los Angeles, Bob was drawn at an early age to science and spirituality. A prolific writer and reader since the third grade, he currently lives in Northern California.

God, Physics, and Me is a book that serves as a living example of how science and religion can indeed peacefully coexist.

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In “God, Physics and Me,” physicist Bob Ralston writes about his quest to reconcile his spiritual beliefs and faith in God with his scientific knowledge of the physical world. Ralston candidly writes of a childhood filled with wonder for and confusion about the spiritual world and, later, his thirst for scientific knowledge.

Strangely, perhaps, Ralston’s increasing understanding of physics fueled a spiritual quest that pervaded his professional and personal life. “God, Physics and Me” explores one man’s spiritual quest and path to peace through God and science. It’s a must-read for anyone who struggles to find peace and understanding in their spiritual and physical worlds.

Congratulations, again, to Bob on his victory!

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