Outskirts Press 2013 Readers’ Favorite Finalists Announced

2013 Readers' Favorite FinalistsThe finalists for the Readers’ Favorite annual International Award Contest have been announced and, predictably, Outskirts Press was well-represented.

The contest judges chose an average of six finalists in nearly 100 literary categories, from among a record number of entries. Twenty of Outskirts Press’ most talented authors (listed below) were selected as finalists in the competition. Winners will be announced on September 1, 2013.

Winners will receive:

  • Award Winning Author Recognition — Each winner/finalist will be able to promote themselves and their book as an award-winning author and award-winning book.
  • Medal Award Ceremony — Winners and finalists are invited to the Readers’ Favorite Medal Award Ceremony during the week of the Miami Book Fair International, the largest book fair in the nation
  • Book Review and Mini-Critique — All entrants receive a complete book review which will be posted on the Readers’ Favorite site, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.
  • Display of your Book Cover, Summary and Award Image — Winners and finalists will also be featured on a new Award Contest Results page via a link in the “Our Award-Winning Books” box on every page of the Readers’ Favorite site.
  • Professional, High Distribution Press Release — Both Readers’ Favorite and Outskirts Press announce the results of the competition through premium press releases and blog posts sent to a variety of media contacts and other authors.

Congratulations to all the Outskirts Press self-published authors in the running for the awards:

Barbara M. Sutryn

Translucent Facts: Cutting Boards & Roses
Bob Moseley Out of Bounds
Brad Anderson Guardians
Darrel L. Hammon Christmas Beneath the Lake
David A. Koop Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I Got It!
Dusty Rhoades Heer The Forest That Rains Frogs
E W Bosworth/Edward Lewis Jacaranda (Tails Before Bed)
Edmund Kolbusz Blood Shinobi: Revenge to Redemption
Evelyn Schwarz with Illustrations by Kitty Quinn The Hummingbird Garden
F. Whitney Harrington Weeds
Frederick Wulff Alexander McKee – The Great White Elk
Gary R. Patterson Jump-Starting Real Job Creation in America
Janet Cameron Houl Where Did the Sun Go?
Jeff Bacot On the Hole
Mike Fortunato Later Gator, In a While Crocodile
P.J. Ingram-McPhee I Almost Gave Up
Patrick Shannon Viva Laughter!
Stephanie Courtney The Art of Planning Allergen-Free Events
Victor Byrd The Bare Bones of the Buddha’s Teaching
William Michael Seddon Sr. Before Terror Strikes

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