Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week: “Lincoln’s World” by James Reilly

With a president’s foresight and a freed slave’s wisdom, the African people work together to create a land that is united, ending the slave trade forever. Within this new reality, ancient natural health remedies from the jungles and rainforests are easily shared with the world.

James Reilly’s Lincoln’s World, a reimagining of what could have been under Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, describes how Africa leads humanity into the vastness of the cosmos and how these peace-loving citizens are the first to make contact with several different life forms from distant worlds.

This novel is perfect for anyone desiring an escape, if only for a short time, from the greed and cruelty against fellow humans, wildlife, and even plant life on this unique planet of ours. Instead, read about a world full of kindness and understanding-a society we could have chosen.

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