You CAN See a Return on Investment on Your Book

Return on Investment for Authors on Outskirts Press

When you have a story—or history or cookbook or memoir—to share, you know that a big mental and emotional relief comes from just getting it out and onto paper. But the life cycle of some stories stops there.

But if you go on to publish that story, you understandably wonder what financial relief there can be. Outskirts Press coaches you on the many steps you need to take to create a quality published book that has a chance of selling—and you want to know that after all that time, effort, and cost, there will be a return on your investment.

There can be an ROI. The steps you made the effort to take during the publishing process are precisely what will set you up to eventually realize that ROI. For example, did you craft strong content through good storytelling, smart editing, and beautiful design? Did you do everything you could to bring your book to as many readers as possible through savvy marketing and wide distribution?

Outskirts Press helps you answer YES to those questions so that you can see an ROI.

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