Introducing Self-Publishing Author Dr. Larry Webb’s Book Video Trailer for “Are We Yet Alive?”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Are We Yet Alive? Effective Ministry in a Multi-Stress World (published by Outskirts Press, May 2022), by Dr. Larry Webb.

Critical Skills When Treading Water is Not Enough

The role and profession of ministry includes both generic and episodic stressors. This time of pandemic, isolation, distance ministry and reduced congregational options is encumbered with global issues centered in the war in Ukraine. Churches are feeling the impact locally and globally. Add to these stressors an increasing division between conservative and progressive members and congregations and the emotional load on pastors may reach the breaking point. The insights and skills shared in Are We Yet Alive, can blunt the emotional and spiritual impact of these challenges and lead to healing ministry for self and congregations. Dr. Webb has walked this path and offers concrete actions to enhance the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and others.

The experience in this volume has developed over thirty-five years of ministry in small, medium, and large congregations from California to Florida. It is also informed by thirty years of psychotherapy with pastors and church members, and consultations with churches of numerous denominations across the nation. During that time the nation has encountered several crises and those have impacted the churches. I have seen and worked with churches during times of war, economic uncertainty, political transitions, and cultural crises. Working in the community with businesses, government, and not-for-profit agencies has enabled me to see that many human issues cross lines with those facing clergy. My wife, daughters, and colleagues have helped me be more sensitive in areas I might have missed a healing opportunity.

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