Introducing Self-Publishing Author Vicki Guggenbickler’s Book Video Trailer for “I’ll Never Forget You”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for I’ll Never Forget You (published by Outskirts Press, January 2022), by Vicki Guggenbickler.

Death stinks! Sharing memories helps it stink less!

Willow’s Aunt Lindy dies and she is very sad. Her friends and family visit Willow to comfort her by sharing their memories of Aunt Lindy. Through captivating drawings of dogs and cats and simple language, this book can help you guide your child through their experience with death. We hope that Willow and her friends inspire your child to share memories of their loved one often with friends and family so death stinks less!

Vicki Guggenbickler

Vicki Guggenbickler

Following the death of her sister, Vicki Guggenbickler decided to use her artistic talents to write and illustrate a book to help young children facing the death of a loved one. Vicki loves animals and hopes her drawings will bring a smile to readers as each share their fond memories with Willow, the main character of her story. All of the characters except two are either her family or friend’s pets. Willow and Tabasco live with Vicki and her husband in Georgia.

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