Introducing Self-Publishing Authors Joel and Mary Schaefer’s Book Video Trailer for “At Home With Your Allergy Chefs”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for At Home With Your Allergy Chefs  (published by Outskirts Press, September 2021), by Joel and Mary Schaefer.

At Home With Your Allergy Chefs Cooking Up Gluten-Free and Allergy-Friendly Meals Everyone Will Enjoy

“Joel and Mary Schaefer are the chef rock stars of the food allergy community. They bring unrivaled passion, talent and creativity to Top 8-free, gluten-free cooking. Their recipes that we’ve published in Allergic Living are always met with raves from readers. To have a full book of the chef couple’s creative ‘friendly’ recipes? That is truly a gift to this community.”
—Gwen Smith, Editor,

“Joel and Mary Schaefer have lent their culinary expertise to the food allergy community for years. Their dedication, commitment, and vast experience in accommodating food allergies in both professional and personal kitchens and approachable demeanor make them the perfect fit for helping home cooks everywhere become their own incredible chefs.”
—Kristi Grim, Director of National Programs, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

“Cooking allergen-friendly is not about being accommodating. It is about being inclusive, hospitable, and human. I entered the hospitality industry as a techie who wanted to help innovate because I loved food, and I had a lot to learn from the industry’s leaders before I could accomplish anything useful. Chefs Joel and Mary took me under their wing from the moment we met, teaching me the true meaning of “cooking from the heart” and inspiring me with their never-ending creativity and passion for finding new ways to make people happy through food. Sure, you can get recipes anywhere, but when you cook with Chefs Joel and Mary’s guidance, the results will be incomparably nourishing, inclusive for all your guests, and delicious (no matter who’s eating). You will not be able to help but smile a little more in the kitchen while you do your “choppy chops” and mise en place.”
—Mark Surkin, CEO & Founder of Dineable, Virtual Catering & Events

“Chefs Mary and Joel Schaefer have been my experts and reference for anything about food allergies and special diet needs for the last 20 years. Their firsthand experience along these years is reflected in this book that provides comprehensive arrays of sweet and savory dishes for all meals of the day and moments in life. From quick breads to a great suggestive pantry list, the foundations to ensure a safe and balanced meal plan are here for all to enjoy!”
—Pierre-Marie Leprince, Master Chef of France, Chief Creative Officer, 3Di Creative Food Concepts

“Chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer have created an incredibly empowering resource for people impacted by dietary restrictions. These recipes shatter common free-from stereotypes by proving that cooking without common allergens is not only easy but can have delicious results. Through its unique yet straightforward recipes, this book will provide confidence to the newly diagnosed, and inspiration to all.”
—Kyle Dine, CEO, Founder and Food Allergy Educator, Equal Eats

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