How Book Videos Help Self-Publishing Authors

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Did you know that video is the fastest growing segment on the internet, and that YouTube is the second most popular search engine (second only to Google)? In many ways social media has become a largely video-centric world. Consumers of news, pop culture, marketing and other information are digesting a growing percentage of all their information in video form.

A book video is an advertisement for your book that doesn’t “seem” like an advertisement. Book video trailers help create awareness, engage with potential readers, and entice them to learn more about you and your book.  Just as moviegoers might find themselves on the edge of their seats when watching a captivating movie trailer, so too might your readers enjoy your impactful book video trailer.

If you don’t have a book video that promotes your book and is available to view from YouTube and from your own personal Facebook page and/or author webpage, now is the time to start. With an instant 10% savings,  now is the time to see your book make its movie debut!

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