Introducing Self-Publishing Author James Reilly’s Book Video Trailer for “Lincoln’s World”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Lincoln’s World  (published by Outskirts Press, January 2021), by James Reilly.

The chain of events that occurred at Ford’s theater was naturally altered by way of the president was saved from the assassin’s bullet and then went on to become known as the father of freedom. Lincoln’s wisdom encouraged and supported the next few leaders of the white house that followed his eight year term in office. After the civil war he granted the wish of a very special freed slaves to return home with honor and dignity so that his community may go on to build and become a strong nation of trust, friendship and trade with America and over time the world. These freed African pilgrims continued to use of the English language in Africa when in public to respect the United States president who understood a trickle from a small pebble thrown into the ocean can go on to become a mighty wave on a distant shore by the end of its life. This adventure begins as a young African boy’s story and unveils some dramatic changes in the societies across the entire African continent. The North Americans renounced their harmful ways to the native Indians and gave them back large patches of land throughout the lower American states. But the real changes occur in Africa with their freedom laws and from there the planet recovered and ended the slave trade forever. Finally, we travel into Africa’s’ undiscovered possibilities and a future open to many wonders from the reclaiming of ancient lands to the newly discovered outposts that are now shared by the human race along with other strange and unique life forms using much different unimagined technologies orbiting around the planets of extremely distant stars.

James Reilly

Spent most of my life in the transportation industry and enjoy experiencing and learning about different cultures around the world. Spend my relaxation time playing the drums to tunes from last centuries play list. It’s a strange feeling having a story go from your mind only to other persons deep conscience thoughts, WOW.

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