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The Tenth Sword of the Prophet: The Last Revelation

by M.J. Kojack

(5 Stars – 3 Customer Reviews)

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M.J. Kojack’s “The Tenth Sword of the Prophet: The Last Revelation” is a murder mystery that unravels multiple conspiracies that lie deep within the history of nascent Islam and the Judeo-Christian Heritage. At the center of the story is Michael, a brilliant Professor at Princeton University who specializes in Middle Eastern anthropology and is an expert in ancient Semitic languages. Right at the heels of a shocking murder at the Saint Catherine Monastery in the Sinai, Michael is summoned by top Clergy to help lead the investigation. This pivotal event catapults Michael into a hazardous adventure of murders and intrigues set with the backdrop of religion and politics in the Middle East, including the theft of sacred relics from the Topkapi Museum, that takes him across Europe, Tel Aviv, Damascus, and Tehran in search of the truth.

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