Author Poll: Rod Lewin Needs Your Help With His Cover

Rod Lewin is self-publishing his highly-anticipated 3rd book with Outskirts Press, and he wants your help deciding on his book cover.

Book Summary

In this third much-awaited novel in the series, Mitch Blaine and his learned sidekick Beyer have returned to their isolated retreat on Apache Lake in the Arizona desert, where a young Mexican girl had been ruthlessly tossed out of a low-flying aircraft. After saving her life, they had been drawn into a battle of retribution with the same gang of thugs who had attempted to slay her. Severely wounded himself in the ensuing fray, Beyer has unilaterally determined that it is time to ‘go home’. Now the intrepid duo has decided to fly back to Australia in their vintage PBY flying boat, the ‘Wayward Wind’. They plan a fuel stop in Vanuatu in the South Pacific to visit some old friends, who have retired to Havannah Harbor on the island of Efate. Port Havannah was a repair base for the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet just prior to the Battle of the Coral Sea. Only thing is, it’s cyclone season down there, and one of the most devastating storms that part of the world has ever known is heading right towards Vanuatu. Blaine and Beyer arrive at the exact moment that the cyclone is battering the islands. They inadvertently fly into one of the most bizarre adventures they have yet encountered….and literally right into history!

About the Author

Rod Lewin was born in Brisbane, Australia.  His acclaimed autobiography, ‘Steel Spine, Iron Will’, wherein he narrates his recovery from paralysis after a near-fatal plane crash, has been in constant demand for over two decades. Rod has spent the last thirty-five years as a professional aviator.  He has experienced all manner of adventure as a true “knight of the air,” from operating seaplanes on the Great Barrier Reef, the far outback of Western Australia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Greece, to airline flying in DC-3’s, 727’s, and 737’s in the U.S.  ‘The Port Havannah Paradox’, the third in the series, is based on some of his own astonishing exploits.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Rod.

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Cover A

Cover B

One thought on “Author Poll: Rod Lewin Needs Your Help With His Cover

  1. Neither cover looks like the description of the story. A looks more dangerous or threatening than B (which looks quite calm) but neither seems to catch the “eye of the storm” that they men are supposedly flying into. Hard to make a choice when neither seems right, although both are attractive covers.

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