Author Poll: Writer Nicholas Frank wants your help with his cover

Nicholas Frank is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And he wants your help deciding his book cover.

Book Summary

By all accounts, Nathan Frank was a terrific kid with the brightest of futures ahead of him. With the advent of adolescence, however, Nathan’s world and his relationships begin to unravel. No matter which way he turns, he seems to find conflict. Eventually, with his powerful personality, he becomes his own generator of conflict as he steadily enters a world of drugs, defiance and ultimately a criminal street gang. Finally, he runs off the rails at full throttle, coming to a hard stop at seventeen years old when he is arrested for his participation in a botched robbery.

With his arrest, Nathan is swept into a justice system of condemnation and ruination for those who enter its control. There, the fact that he is a troubled teen means nothing – maybe less than nothing. Nathan is tried as an adult and sentenced to multiple life terms for his crimes. So at seventeen, he enters a world where exploitation, violence and abject hopelessness reign. Forgiveness, rehabilitation, redemption have little to no place in the world created by our justice and corrections system.

By all logic, Nathan should be crushed by his fate. He very nearly is. But, the man Nathan becomes, a man who finds his strength in fundamentally good qualities that he suppressed for so many years, will not be crushed. Somehow, in one of the worst places on earth, he rediscovers the best parts of himself. Destructive Justice follows Nathan from the great promise of his earliest years, to the great tragedy of his adolescence, to the small light of hope for an even greater redemption.

About the Author

Nicholas Frank is the epitome of an ordinary guy, except he and his family have lived through most extraordinary events. Those events serve as the inspiration for this, his first and perhaps only book. He lives with his beautiful wife in Southern California.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for AUTHOR.

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CP_VACover A

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CP_VBCover B

3 thoughts on “Author Poll: Writer Nicholas Frank wants your help with his cover

  1. I voted for “B” but I really wanted to vote “A” because of the little boy. It was interesting to see a picture of a little boy that is sweet innocent contrasted against the horrors of the story. I think Cover “A” would actually work if there was a way to blend the pic of the little boy in with the background a little more where he doesn’t look like he was cut out and glued on top. He sits out there a little too much. Both are great ideas and work. I’m interested in reading it! God Bless. HD

    1. Cover A is great and if the teenager’s back is facing out instead of his face, how powerful would the picture be?

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