Fandemonium Finalists Announced for 3rd Annual Facebook Anthology for Self-Publishing Authors

Each year, Fandemonium brings Outskirts Press Facebook members together to experience the joy of publishing with Outskirts Press first-hand. Facebook Fandemonium gives writers the unique opportunity to getFandemonium Volume 2 their work published and benefit a great cause at the same time. Outskirts Press kicked off the third annual Fandemonium collection earlier this year, accepting hundreds of submissions of poetry, short stories, excerpts, recipes or anecdotes for free publication in Fandemonium Volume 3, coming in July.

The result of this unique crowdsourcing effort is a collection of superior writing from the Outskirts Press Facebook community, the profits of which provide much-needed funding to the American Red Cross on behalf of Outskirts Press and its Facebook fans.

We’d like to thank the many writers and Facebook fans who shared their talent and good work with Outskirts Press. And an especially big tip of the hat to our Fandemonium Volume 3 finalists, who rose to the top of a very competitive field of authors. The featured authors in Fandemonium Volume 3 are:

Fandemonium Volume 3

Once again, thank you to all who submitted their work for Fandemonium. Keep an eye on the Outskirts Press blog for updates on the publication of Fandemonium Volume 3.

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