Top 4 Reasons for Self-Publishing in April

There are lots of reasons authors choose to self-publish: creative freedom, control over pricing, immediate publication, etc.

Now with the promise of spring in full gear, here are 4 great reasons to start publishing your book this month:

  1. Spring’s new beginnings. Spring is the time for renewal, right? So why not renew your commitment to fulfilling your publishing dreams?
  2. That fat tax refund. Put your federal and state tax refunds to work on something meaningful by dusting off that manuscript and finally getting it to print. If you play your cards right, that investment will pay you back not just in sales revenue but in the deep satisfaction you’ll get from being able to say – at long last – that you’re a published author!
  3. Summer book fairs. April is the perfect time to self-publish if you want to have a brand-spanking-new book hot off the press for the excitement of book-fair season. Because self-publishers like Outskirts Press can get your manuscript to print in a matter of weeks, you could start now and have your book in hand just in time!
  4. National Poetry Month. Honor National Poetry Month in April by publishing your volume of poetry now. This national celebration of verse – designed to highlight the contributions of American poets and encourage more people to discover the beauty of this art form – has been taking place every year in April since 1996. (Outskirts Press offers a Poetry Formatting Kit that makes formatting and publishing a high-quality book as simple as cutting and pasting text.)

While there’s never really a bad time to get going on your self-publishing dreams, April is the ideal time to plant the publishing seed that will bear fruit later in the year.

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