Copyediting is one of the best investments in your book.

Professional Copyediting: The Best 1.4 Cents You Will Ever Spend

Every author needs an editor. Even authors who work as editors need another editor to review their manuscripts. You know your own writing and your own style too well to see it objectively. You’re so familiar with what you mean that your eye naturally skips over typos and errors. Additionally, storytelling and expression are different from language mechanics. You may be a brilliant storyteller, but not as sure about the specifics of formatting and punctuation. That’s where editing comes in. Your editor cleans up the details, while you focus on the creative aspects of your work.

There are several different levels and styles of editing. Basic copyediting is a good choice for many authors, but we offer more in-depth editing services as well. Our moderate and extensive editing options can be tailored to focus on the specific needs of your manuscript. Additionally, we offer a special service for ESL authors, to make sure your writing is easily accessible to your English-speaking audience. Outskirts Press also provides a ghostwriting service, which may be the right fit for you if you have an outline of a great story, but you just don’t have the time or skills to write it.

Here is a brief explanation of the different types of editing available. If you’re interested in editing, but you’re not sure which service you need, just ask us — our editorial staff is happy to look at your manuscript and suggest the best fit for you.

Basic Copyediting. Basic editing is a good choice for authors whose primary concern is correction of style and mechanics. Basic editing does not include fact checking, sentence restructuring, or suggestions to improve flow, aesthetics, or voicing. Corrections you can expect with basic editing include:

  • Typographical errors
  • Misspelled words
  • Grammatical errors
  • Punctuation
  • Style consistency
  • Standardization of spelling and capitalization
  • Consistency of specific or repeated references

Basic copyediting is our most popular level of editorial service, and it is suitable for all genres. This service costs 1.4 cents per word.

Moderate Editing. Moderate editing is a good choice for authors who would like to improve the flow and aesthetics of their work as well as their basic style and mechanics. Moderate editing will usually include restructuring of awkward sentences, elimination of redundancies, and attention to inconsistencies of tone or voicing. Moderate editing often includes some fact checking — such as confirmation of brand names, proper names of historical figures or locations, etc.

Moderate editing is done by special quote and can be tailored to your particular needs or concerns. If you are not sure whether your manuscript needs moderate editing, our editorial staff can give you a recommendation if you ask.

Extensive Editing. Extensive editing includes mechanical and style corrections as well as sentence restructuring, attention to aesthetics, and some fact checking. More than any other type of editing, extensive editing is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your manuscript and your goals as an author.

Extensive editing may include project development, such as tracking and critiquing story arc and character development. If your project is nonfiction, you may want your editor to give input as to the effectiveness of your organization or the strength of your arguments. Your editor may give reader commentary as well as mechanical and style corrections.

Extensive editing is often a good choice for first-time authors who have not had a chance to workshop a manuscript with a writing group. It can also be an excellent choice for authors who are too close to their subject matter to objectively assess the effectiveness of their writing — a challenge experienced by many memoir writers. Extensive editing can also be an acceptable solution if English is not your native language, in which case your manuscript may require a higher level of text polishing. Ghostwriting is also a viable course for ESL authors.

To learn more about our editing services, click here. If you are interested in our ghostwriting services, click here.

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The professional copyediting service provides a thorough basic edit of a manuscript’s punctuation, spelling and grammar. There is, of course, some variation in accepted styles these days, and elements like comma usage can be quite subjective, as well, so Outskirts Press editors use the “Track Changes” option in the original Word file to make recommendations or suggestions for an author. They do not change the original manuscript. This preserves the purity of the story and the individuality of the author’s voice.

The editing of works of poetry is calculated differently, but poets too can apply the November promotional discount of $210 to their manuscripts when they publish with the Outskirts Press Diamond or Pearl package. Currently editing is only done in the English language and the time frame of the editing varies with the length and complexity of the manuscript.

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