Who’s the SCARIEST author?

Earlier this month, we told you we needed your help with something HUGE – choosing the scariest Outskirts Press author. All month long, we’ve shared videos and covers of our scariest titles. We asked you to click “Like” on your favorites. We’ve chosen the top 10 books that received the most likes on their book cover or video. Now it’s your turn to cast the final vote.

Here are your choices (in alphabetical order):

Arise from the Ash by Kitrisha Rasmussen

Faithful Shadow by Kevin J. Howard

Final Outcome by James B. McPike

The Final Shortcut by G. Bernard Ray

Good Tales by Louis Winslow

The Silver Moon by Charita Padilla

My Brother’s Keeper by A. J. Farris

Murder on False River by Martha Gabour Manuel

The Realms of Animar by Owen Black

The Rendering by Owen Black by Leann Marshall


What will the lucky winner receive?

Hollywood Action Plan

A no-cost Hollywood Action Plan for their book. That’s right – no strings attached – no monetary investment required. These authors will have the chance to get a true professional opinion on their book as a film from a true Hollywood producer at a real Hollywood production company. This is a serious author’s first step to gaining Hollywood notoriety!

The Action Plan will be studied and evaluated by a credited Hollywood producer, which might include consideration for optioning. It will also be submitted to a searchable Hollywood database, used by other studios, executives, and producers seeking materials to pitch, option, or buy.

Voting ends on Thursday, November 1 at 5:00 pm Eastern. So, don’t wait, cast your vote today!

2 thoughts on “Who’s the SCARIEST author?

  1. Faithful shadow looks to be a good read. If you haven’t read The Final Shortcut yet, I highly recommend pickin it up. New author but definitely an up and coming horror guy. Read the summary and I think you’ll be intrigued

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